Linux Befehlsliste / Linux command list

Install RPM-Package

 rpm -i a5backup-<version>.rpm  Install RPM-Package
 rpm -U a5backup-<version>.rpm  Update RPM-Package
 rpm -e a5backup  Uninstall RPM-Package

Install DEB-Package

 apt-get install alien  Install Alien
alien a5backup-<version>.rpm –scripts Convert rpm to deb file
dpkg -i a5backup-<version>.deb Install/Update DEB-Package
dpkg –purge a5backup Uninstall DEB-Package


/etc/init.d/ Daemon-Folder
/etc/init.d/a5backupd start/stop/restart/status Options MOUNT10-daemon

Program-Directory MOUNT10

cd /usr/share/a5backup Program-Directory MOUNT10


a5backup-gui Starting GUI

CLI backup/restore

a5backup-cli status Shows status of a running task
a5backup-cli backup  Start a backup
a5backup-cli restore Start a restore from the last backup made
a5backup-cli dates Shows a list of other restore dates
a5backup-cli restore –rd [nr of chosen date] Start restore from a chosen date
a5backup-cli cancel Cancel current running task

CLI configure account/remote-management

a5backup-cli -configure account Creating/Configure Account
a5backup-cli -configure account Reconnect to Account (Enter, Enter, Enter = Reconnect)
a5backup-cli :account update Retrieve Account settings
a5backup-cli -configure remote Configure remote-management


update-rc.d a5backupd start 2345 stop 16  set daemon to start at Systemboot (debian)
update-rc.d a5backupd start 2 3 4 5 . stop 1 6 .  set daemon to start at Systemboot (Ubuntu)
 rpm -e a5backup  Uninstall RPM-Package

Encryption Key

a5backup-cli :account key oldEK newEK Change encryption key
a5backup-cli :account password oldPW newPW Change Backup-Password


a5backup-cli :schedule Shows the backup-schedules
a5backup-cli :schedule set daily 22:59 Set daily schedule time
a5backup-cli :schedule set monday 23:33 Set advanced schedule time
a5backup-cli :schedule clear Clear ALL schedules


a5backup-cli :selection include /home Includes /home to the backup selection
a5backup-cli :selection adds files to your backup selection
a5backup-cli :selection save Saves your selection into the installation path

E-Mail Notification for Backup Client

To configure the e-mail settings in the backup client please follow this post Linux Client E-Mail Notification Commands

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