MOUNT10 Linux Client Remote Management Setup using Command Line


If installed to a Linux environment with a GUI, the Remote Management features can be configured as per the Linux Server Edition User manual i.e. the menu can be opened from “Tools->Remote Management” and details entered as appropriate. For example:

NB: Settings should not be changed whilst a backup or restore are running. Wait for these to complete before implementing changes.

Enabling Remote Management

Run the following command from /usr/share/a5backup as super user:

a5backup-cli :remote enable [-port #] [-ip {binding address}] [-sp enable|disable] [-custom enable|disable] [-user ] [-pass ]


  • -sp sets “Allow SP (Storage Platform) Controlled access”
  • -custom sets “Allow custom access”


  1. remote enable -port 9093 -ip -sp enable -custom enable -user admin -pass password01
    • If the port or IP bindings are the defaults of 9091 and “All available IP addresses”, omit these from the command.

  2. After entering the settings, a “Task Tracking ID” will be reported.
  3. Restart the MOUNT10 service using the command “service a5backupd restart”. The service will restart with the new settings applied.

​Disabling Remote Management

Run the following command from /usr/share/a5backup as superuser:

a5backup-cli :remote disable

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