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Here, you will find the latest version of «Redstor Backup Pro» as a .zip file to download. Also, you can download older versions of the program. The according whitepapers are available for download, too.

Please be aware that when upgrading the Storage Platform, you need to upgrade every version in between. So if you want to upgrade from x.1 to x.3, you have to install x.2 before installing x.3.

«Redstor Backup Pro» latest version

zipped_folder   Redstor Backup Pro v19.1

Release Notes

Enterprise Server Edition

  1. Changed block tracking (CBT) (available for preview)
    • CBT speeds up the backup service by backing up only data blocks that have changed since the previous backup, and not the complete files.
    • To enable CBT, go to Options and Settings > Advanced (note that VSS is required).
    • See Article 1187 for more information.
  2. Improved error messages when the Archiving service attempts to connect to a server other than a StorageServer
  3. Support for dynamic hostnames when restoring SQL databases
    • This gives you the ability to restore a SQL database even when the hostname of the relevant machine has changed, for example in a disaster recovery scenario. (Previously, it was only possible to restore to a renamed host by manually adding the database in the Files view.)
    • See Article 1188 for more information.
  4. An updated support bundle (SupportBundle.ps1 in the ESE program folder) which returns additional backup metadata


  1. Full System Restore of extended partitions
    • Extended partitions will appear on the disk configuration page along with the primary partition.
    • Logical partitions will appear at the bottom of the list of volumes. 
Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:


Bug – Description:

  • 18135 FSR not handling files with curly braces in FAT file systems
  • 17822 FSR IDE drive restore order prevents boot

ESE Backup Client

Bug – Description:

  • 20800 Remote management ignoring proxy settings, rather remote should be disabled
  • 20796 Multiple threads concurrently attempting to open remote tunnel connection to SS when SS is unavailable
  • 20696 Service not starting after update
  • 18415 Empty script path causing backups to fail
  • 17963 ESE backup fails when logging Profiling with wildcard
  • 17804 OneDrive stubs are not backed up correctly
  • 17514 Missing files in ESE on CentOs i386
  • 17453 ESE not traversing relative mount points
  • 17285 Remote tunnel is disabled after SE to ESE conversions

Cloud Integration

Bug – Description:

  • 20604 Backup fails with Storage Platform closing connection unexpectedly (large number of concurrent backups)
  • 19902 The site collection column display name is overlapping in the table
  • 19898 Microsoft permissions slow to propagate resulting in errors trying to access the accounts page





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 Encryption Key Checker

 Support Bundle
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