SEED – How to create an initial backup on a MOUNT10 NAS

Attention: This knowledge base article can only be used if you received a NAS for the physical data transfer from MOUNT10.

On Customer-Side

1. Add new Service Provider (Article: Add Service Provider).

2. Add the NAS as a new Backup Repository.
Go to «BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE» -> «Backup Repositories» -> «Add Repository».


3. In the new Windows use the name «SEEDtoMOUNT10».

4. Under Type use «Shared folder» for the NAS device.

5. Go through all other steps as needed and finish the process.

6. The NAS will show up as a new Backup Repository.


7. Create a new Backup Copy Job (Article: Backup Copy Job).
Important: The Backup Copy Job mustn’t have Spaces or special characters, otherwise the Seed won’t work!
You can use the characters – and _ as well as normal alphabetic characters and numbers.


8. Under Target Use the SEED-Repository as «Backup repository» and click the button «Advanced».


9. Under Advanced Settings go to «Storage» and add an Encryption Key to encrypt your backups. After that click «OK».
Important: Only encrypted backups are working together with VEEAM@MOUNT10.


10. Go through the next steps as needed and start the Backup Copy Job after you finished everything.

11.The Backup Copy Job will now start with the seeding to the NAS.
After the SEED is done successfully the Service Provider will do the next steps.

On Service Provider-Side

1. Service Provider (SP): Copy the SEED (Folder: «Name_of_Backup_Copy_Job») directly to the folder of the customer.

On Customer-Side

Now its time to do rescans and map the SEEDED Backup on the customer-side.

1. On Customer-Side go to «BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE».

2. Under Service providers select the provider and rightclick «Rescan…». That will start a rescan of the provider.


3. Under «Backup Repositories» go to your CLOUD Repository and rightclick «Rescan repository». This will find your seeded / encrypted backup on Service Provider side.



5. Under Backups (on the left side) you will find a encrypted container named «Disk (encrypted)».

6. Select the «Disk (encrypted)» and rightclick the encrypted Backup Copy Job. Use the Button «Specify password» to encrypt your Backup.


7. In the next windows you will be forced to type-in your Encryption-Key. After that your Backup is successfully mounted to your CLOUD-REPOSITORY.


8. Now go to your Backup Copy Job, edit the Backup Copy Job and go to the Step «Target».

9. Change the Backup repository of the Backup Copy Job from SEEDtoMOUNT10 to your CLOUD REPOSITORY and click the text «Map backup».


10. Now we have to map our SEEDED Backup. On the shown window navigate to your backup and select it.


11. Click OK and click Finish. All needed changes are now done. The next backup will be a normal incremental backup.

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