Backup Status: Successful with errors – aber es sind keine Errors im Log vorhanden

Symptom Im Backup Log steht in der letzten Zeile: Backup Status: Successful with errors. Im Log sind aber keine Errors ersichtlich. Im backupservice.log (befindet sich im Installationsverzeichnis) erscheint ein Error: ERROR FREE SPACE MONITOR – Error encountered while clearing temp folder to free up space: Indicated directory is not a directory Lösung Die Option “Enforce Free Space” ist im MOUNT10 Client aktiviert. Während dem Cache Update fällt der freie Speicherplatz unter die gesetzte Limite. Passen Sie den Wert an (z.B. […]

Roll-up failing since some required files have not been mirrored yet

Symptom During a Rollup the following error is seen in the StorageServer log: “Unable to perform a roll-up since some required files have not been mirrored yet ” Cause This typically happens on the MirrorServer when the mirror is not up to date. Seen on a StorageServer that was promoted from a MS where the mirror was not up to date. Solution MirrorServer – Wait for the mirror process to complete. Promoted StorageServer – Run a Quick Integrity Check with […]

Warning in Client log: “Could not move backup file to cache”

Symptom Warnings are logged in the Backup Client backup log that says “Could not move backup file to cache”, for example: Warning: 11:20:54 Could not move backup file to cache: E:\Data\File.txt, reason: Trying to move a file to the cache that does not exist (C:\Program Files\MOUNT10 SE\Backup Client SE\toBackup\6F\6F11E147577A349A7ACAC9FE619CC947) Cause This has been seen during backups of network shares where the share goes down during the backup. This error is not critical at all and the only possible side-effect of […]

Ungültiges Sync Token gefunden / invalid sync token found

Go to english version Deutsch Symptom Im MOUNT10 Backup-Client erscheint die Medlung “ungültiges Sync token gefunden” oder “Invalid Sync token found” Lösung Diese Meldung erscheint, wenn ein Backup-Client auf mehreren PC’s installiert ist. Sicherstellen, dass nur von einem PC ein Backup durchgeführt wird. Wenn Sie den MOUNT10 Backup-Client neu installiert haben, sollte die Meldung nach einigen Backups verschwinden. English Symptom You receive the warning message “invalid sync token found” in the MOUNT10 backup-client. Solution This error appears if you’re backing up from […]

How to run the Backup client (service) in debug mode

In the event that your backup fails with messages like ‘Exception:null’ or ‘Unable to recover from exception in backup process null’, you may get additional information on the problem by running the MOUNT10 service in debug mode. Stop the MOUNT10 DL or SE service in Computer Management (the runner will show a red circle with a cross in the system tray). Open Command Prompt. Its best to run this as Administrator (the user that the MOUNT10 service runs as). Navigate to the Backup Client install folder (e.g. C:\Program […]

Changing memory in the Windows Backup Client (DL and SE)

Note: From V7.0.0 onwards, Server Edition memory can be changed in Options and Settings > Advanced Performance. You need to modify two files to change the memory allocation in the Windows Backup Client (DL and SE). For the service Open the service.properties file, located in the root directory of Attix5 Pro. The default directories are: DL: C:\Program Files\MOUNT10\Backup Client DL SE: C:\Program Files\MOUNT10\Backup Client SE Add the following line: memory=1024 (where 1024 is the amount of memory you want to allocate in MB). The […]

How to run a service as a user

In some instances you need to configure the Backup client service or Storage Platform services to run as a specific user. This is done to enable the MOUNT10 service access to files/folders that only a specific user or user group have access to. To set the service to run as a specific user, go to Computer Management. Select Services and Applications – Services. Locate the service eg: MOUNT10 SE. Select and double-click or right-click, select Properties. Select the ‘Log on’ tab and […]

Delete old database / Alte Datenbank löschen

Go to english version Deutsch Symptom Sie erhalten folgenden Fehlercode im Log file: Could not create backup: file is encrypted or is not a database Lösung Navigieren Sie im Backup-Client auf “Optionen” -> “Disk Usage” Sie finden hier die Pfade für die verschiedenen Working Folders. Der Pfad Database ist nun relevant. Wenn kein Ordner angelegt ist, können Sie direkt ins Textfeld schreiben um einen zu erstellen (z.B. \db) Die Dateien werden automatisch verschoben. Navigieren Sie im Datei-Explorer nun zu dem Pfad […]

Settings to minimize disk usage and backup time on the Backup Client

Overview This article covers some settings to minimize the amount if disk space needed for a backup and to also ensure the backup finishes as fast as possible.  Note that this relies on the assumption that the backups are done over a LAN and not an internet connection.  For internet based backups the defaults should be used. Drawbacks There are some implications when using some of these settings. Cancelled backups cannot be resumed More data may be transferred than needed Quick guide […]

Feature: Run backups in the background

Overview With the increase in speed of processors and memory the bottleneck during backups is now the hard drive. Because most applications rely on disk access these applications may show a noticeable performance degradation if being used during a backup. Vista and Windows 7 has introduced the concept of background IO and this feature enables the backup to utilize that functionality. Testing The feature was tested using a disk benchmark program (PerformanceTest 7) while patching a 1GB PST file. First […]