Changing memory in the Windows Backup Client (DL and SE)

Note: From V7.0.0 onwards, Server Edition memory can be changed in Options and Settings > Advanced Performance. You need to modify two files to change the memory allocation in the Windows Backup Client (DL and SE). For the service Open the service.properties file, located in the root directory of Attix5 Pro. The default directories are: DL: C:\Program Files\MOUNT10\Backup Client DL SE: C:\Program Files\MOUNT10\Backup Client SE Add the following line: memory=1024 (where 1024 is the amount of memory you want to allocate in MB). The […]

How to backup encrypted files on Windows

When you encrypt a file, only the Windows user that created the file or that set the encryption, can open it. Eg: If the Administrator encrypted the file only the Administrator can open it. Normally the SE backup service runs as LocalSystem, not the Administrator. That will cause the encrypted file to be skipped when trying to back it up. As soon as you set the backup service to run as Administrator it will read and backup the file.

How to run the Backup Client (GUI) in test mode

If backup client interface fails to open or you struggle to configure a plugin or problems during a restore, run the GUI in test mode to get additional info to assist Support with troubleshooting. Close the Backup interface if it is open. Open a command prompt. Its best to run this as Administrator (user the Attix5 Pro service runs as). Navigate to the backup client install folder. (eg C:\Program Files\Attix5 Pro\Backup Client SE) Run the following command: testfromdos.bat This will load the […]

How to change the MOUNT10 DL or SE default service port

To change the service default port, stop the MOUNT10 DL or SE service in the Services window (accessed from the Control Panel). Close the Backup Client interface and exit the System Tray icon. Browse to the folder where MOUNT10 DL or SE is installed (default path is C:\Program Files\MOUNT10\Backup Client DL / SE). Open the a5backup.properties file. Add the entry service.port=10001 where 10001 is the port number that you want to use. Start the MOUNT10 DL or SE service again. Open the […]