Linux Befehlsliste / Linux command list

Install RPM-Package  rpm -i a5backup-<version>.rpm  Install RPM-Package  rpm -U a5backup-<version>.rpm  Update RPM-Package  rpm -e a5backup  Uninstall RPM-Package Install DEB-Package  apt-get install alien  Install Alien alien a5backup-<version>.rpm –scripts Convert rpm to deb file dpkg -i a5backup-<version>.deb Install/Update DEB-Package dpkg –purge a5backup Uninstall DEB-Package Daemon /etc/init.d/ Daemon-Folder /etc/init.d/a5backupd start/stop/restart/status Options MOUNT10-daemon Program-Directory MOUNT10 cd /usr/share/a5backup Program-Directory MOUNT10 GUI a5backup-gui Starting GUI CLI backup/restore a5backup-cli status Shows status of a running task a5backup-cli backup  Start a backup a5backup-cli restore Start a restore from […]

MOUNT10 Linux Client Script Plugin Setup using Command Line

Background The MOUNT10 Script Plugin is supported under Linux. Whilst there is a dialog for configuring the Script Plugin settings in a Linux with-GUI environment, command line is needed if no GUI is available. Installation If the Script Plugin is required, it must be manually installed: Install a Server Edition client to a Windows machine Run the Plugin Installer, selecting the Script plugin When completed, you will find the script_plugin.jar file in the installation path under the “scripts” subdirectory Copy […]

MOUNT10 Linux Client Remote Management Setup using Command Line

Background If installed to a Linux environment with a GUI, the Remote Management features can be configured as per the Linux Server Edition User manual i.e. the menu can be opened from “Tools->Remote Management” and details entered as appropriate. For example: NB: Settings should not be changed whilst a backup or restore are running. Wait for these to complete before implementing changes. Enabling Remote Management Run the following command from /usr/share/a5backup as super user: a5backup-cli :remote enable [-port #] [-ip {binding address}] [-sp […]

Linux Client Email Notification Command Line Setup

Background The MOUNT10 backup client supports email notifications using SMTP on Linux. Whilst there is a dialog for configuring the settings in a Linux with-GUI environment, the command line is needed if no GUI is available. Settings To configure the plugin, navigate to the /usr/share/a5backup directory, run the commands in the table below as the superuser. Prefix all commands with “a5backup-cli :settings set”, for example: a5backup-cli :settings set notify.mail=true Restart the backup service using “service a5backupd restart” when complete ​NB: Make sure no backup or […]

Using NFS shares as working folders with the MOUNT10 Linux Backup Client

NFS shared folders are supported by Attix5 Pro, but file access must be synchronous. In NFS, exported folder access is either synchronous or asynchronous and is set in the “exports” NFS server configuration file. If not specified, the default may be either mode as this differs between NFS implementations. If the NFS share is set to asynchronous and it is being used for one or more of the Attix5 Pro working directories (cache, database, temp/”toBackup” or logs), you are likely […]

Install tips for Linux platforms

The a5backup rpm package is for Redhat Package Management (rpm) based linux OSs. RPM takes care of resolving all the dependencies of a particular package. The following pointers may help you to install the Backup Client on various platforms without manually editing the scripts. Fedora, Redhat and CentOS Instructions 1. Install SE Create an a5backup directory under /usr/share cd /usr/share/ mkdir a5backup cd a5backup Determine if the machine is 64 bit or 32 bit If 64 bit, first download the […]